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"Feedback is the breakfast of champions" - Ken Blanchard

When I first came in to tour AVEDA Institute Rhode Island I just felt this caring atmosphere which made me feel like I'd have a safe learning environment, and be able to expand my education. My experience here has been everything I expected and more. What sets the school apart from other schools is the staff and students  genuinely care for each other.  We are a family and are there for each other 24/7

Taylor M. - Alumni

I knew AVEDA Institute Rhode Island was the school I wanted to go to after reading all of the schools positive reviews and how great all the feedback was from the students.  I also spoke to a lot of professionals and they all recommend AVEDA Institute R.I. as the school to go to. Their point of difference is the way they teach and the amount of information that is taught.  One of my favorite experiences was a movie night we had at the school which was a lot of fun

Sergio P.- Alumni

I chose AVEDA Institute Rhode Island based on the recommendations of other alumni and the tour. The energy of the school was enough to spark my desire and I knew immediately this was the place for me.  What sets AVEDA R.I. apart is how attentive and supportive the educators and staff are to our success.  Instructors from other departments will stop by to encourage you and praise your work and progress.  it truly is the definition of teamwork at AVEDA Institute R.I.  My favorite experience was my first client re-booking a service with me.  Talk about validation of my decision on attending the AVEDA Institute R.I. to pursue my professional dreams.

Sherry R.- Alumni

I have always dreamed of being a stylist but being a single mom for many years unfortunately didn't allow me to follow my dreams.  Now that my son is in college, I knew it was my time to shine.  Aveda Institute R.I. had everything I was looking for in a school from the products they used to their curriculum they teach, this school had it all.  Even walking the halls that very first day I couldn't help but feel that being here would be  home away from home for me.

Aveda Institue R.I. prepares you for the industry.  Teaching color the way it was meant to be with the color wheel vs. the box to create limitless custom colors all while preserving the environment was another selling point for me.  There are so man opportunities here at Aveda Institute R.I. I have taken advantage of all of them. Participating in New York Fashion Week, Follies, Catwalk for Clean Water, RIC Fashion Show, RISDI Fashion Show, Beauty Impact Academy's and AVEDA Master Jam are just some of the extracurricular activities that enhanced my love of the industry. I've had the opportunity to work along side some amazing artists and never looked upon as just a student.  These opportunities have opened opportunities outside of school and I'm so excited to see what the future has in store for me.

Elena B. - Alumni

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379 Atwood Ave. Cranston, RI 02920 / (401) 228-6889

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