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Cosmetology Program Graduate

During my one-year program at the Aveda Institute of Rhode Island, not only did I learn everything necessary, but I was given several opportunities that I would not have gotten otherwise. Choosing the Aveda Institute was a big step in my life, and I could not be happier than with the choice I made. I formed relationships and developed skills that I could not learn at just any cosmetology school. Whether I was having trouble technically or in my personal life, each instructor and staff member was extremely supportive and made me feel like part of the “Aveda Family”.


Nail Care Program

I needed to make a change in my life and decided to follow a desire I had for a very long time. Choosing a place to do this was easy once I entered Aveda Institute of RI. I felt comfortable from the moment I walked in. The closeness and support of the owners, instructors and students is incomparable and the education and kits provided are superior! I know I made the right choice!


Esthetics Program

Enrolling at Aveda Institute RI was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I recently graduated from college, but I felt unsure of where I was going with my career. I was working a full time job and I found myself contemplating other options. I made the decision to join Aveda’s esthetician program after touring the school and reading amazing reviews. The education students receive here has been above my expectations. From the start, the teachers took the time to understand each student and provide varied teaching methods that accommodated all learning styles. The clinical skills taught at Aveda teach us to perform services at a level that would surpass the average skincare professionals who are working today. From Aveda’s products, to the curriculum, to the teachers, Aveda Institute RI is a great school that has given me confidence that I will be a proficient and successful esthetician upon graduation.


Cosmetology Program Graduate

My experience at Aveda institute of Rhode Island has been amazing. I feel confident to enter into the cosmetology industry because I received extensive on the floor training. The staff is like a family and so helpful. I couldn’t have made a better choice in my education.


Cosmetology Program

Exceptionally inspiring team with students who have a drive for beauty. I love that this establishment lives up to its AVEDA name; giving back and spreading environmental awareness. I would highly recommend this school to anyone who wants to make an impact on Earth and the people who live on it.


Esthetics Program

Aveda Institute Rhode Island is an exceptional school in many different ways starting with the team of dedicated and professional instructors. They take the time to discover not only what your learning style is but also how to teach in order to meet everyone’s learning needs. Another great aspect of Aveda is their assortment of resources. We receive an in depth text book, work book, and exam study guide which has all the knowledge needed to pass the state board. Also, there are online resources available which include additional books, diagrams, and demonstration videos. Do not fret if you do not own a computer or tablet, because with the school kit is included an iPad as well. Aveda also strives to be environmentally friendly by using wind energy and cutting down on waste when ever possible. Throughout the year they participate in giving back to the community and helping to support communities that may not be as fortunate as ours. I am proud to say I am an Aveda student and could not have picked a better institute in the entire state.


Nail Care Program

I am very happy I selected Aveda Institute Rhode Island for the Nail Care program. The teachers, staff and student create a magical chemistry that is supportive and warming. Thank you Aveda!

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